Friday, January 14, 2011

Can we reverse the tide of time ?

What can we do ?
For starters:
don't hesitate to upload the White Genocide video on your website,
and include a link to in the description.
Or, add your own link to a relevant blog.

Youtubers can also create their own videos surrounding the issue.

Other actions can be taken, as well.
Send these links to your local newspapers, Radio Stations, and Television Studios.
Or, send links to your videos.

Here's a more progressive idea.
Re-up any videos relevant to Preserving European Culture.

This would include Beatles Songs, Led Zeppelin Concerts,
Videos of Artwork, Clips from Disney-World, Music from Mozart, Bach,
...and anything which celebrates our Culture.
Then, in the description of your Youtube upload;
include a message: "...Western Culture IS Worth preserving"
or, "...Western Values SHOULD be celebrated".
...or, something to that effect.
and, also include a link to any relevant site, such as this; or your blog.
IT might seem inappropriate to use The Talents of others, in order to promote our cause. However, please be reminded that it's actually relevant to defending Western Civilization as a valid cause. Also, the so-called Progressives are already notorious for abusing their powers. Just visit any high school, and you'll quickly feel the presence of "Social Engineers".
SO, if they play dirty, then, so should we.

WE must immediately elect new Officials, who will rapidly reverse these harmful policies.

We must defend other nations, who need help.
Americans will defend the Swedish.
And, Germany should defend Holland.

Please remember that "Social Engineers" try to Divide & Conquer.
There's only one way to stop this.
We must Unite.

We must all close our borders, immediately.
Even is migration slows, the problem will grow.
The problem still exists, until Muslims stop entering Europe.

The Cultural-Statists try to set forth their own radical plans.
And, it's usually tend to practice hard-line ideas.
And, they often cannot be rationalized with.
Thus, it might be necessary fight them with equal force.

Our long-term future will be determined by the decisions of our legislators.
If they're able to handle matters responsibly, then;
.....the problem can be solved without incident.
But, if the Government fails to act?
.....then, we'll face a difficult struggle ahead.
..... but necessary to insure our survival.

Two Updates:
There are two radical solutions which might be considered too harsh.
1- We've always believed that's never okay to expel someone who is already settled. The true goal had always been to prevent further migration.
However, we must change our position on this issue. It might be necessary to deport recent citizens, who are already legalized.
Although this seems somewhat extreme, consider that many arrived here because of corrupt policies.
For example: Congressman Luis Gutierrez is the most dangerous and corrupt politician in this century. He ran for office solely for the purpose of bringing 'his own people' into America. Then, a few years later, he places a headline on his website; bragging that 'He's given citizenship to over 50,000' Immigrants. Here's a perfect case where each citizenship should be annulled. And, The President should remove Congressman Gutierrez from office.
This rule applies to Europe's immigration problem, as well.

2- It's necessary to defend our borders thru force. This is considered inhumane. But, compare the onslaught of illegal immigration; to damage caused by terrorists. Additionally, we cannot rule out a military strike on Mexican soil. We're not suggesting that the USA should launch attacks on Mexico City. However, we CAN place strategic attacks near the border.
Illegal immigration is an act of warfare. And, should be treated as such.

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